Photographer and Director


Portrait of Britain

Very proud to announce that my portrait of Anthony has been shortlisted for the @bjp1854 Portrait of Britain comp, and made it into the book, out on @hoxtonminipress very soon.
The portrait is part of a long term project about Metal fans through the eyes of disability. I’ve had a bone disease since I was a teenager and during those years I lived in pain 24/7. Metal and the community that I was a part of, gave me strength, gave me a safe harbour, it empowered me, and as the perennial outsiders’ music genre, it gave me a gang and an extended family to be a part of. It someways metal saved me as a teenager.
This project explores the stories at the heart of the greatest music genre on earth.
It is incredibly far from being finished, and I think it may take decades to do so.
Big love to @downloadfest and @andycoppingofficial - for allowing me to start this project there, and hopefully continue it for a number of years to come.

Danny North